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Apply to a Program the Easier Way
Walk through the application process for teacher preparation programs so you can get started on the right foot.

Don’t waste time. Make your application stand out with these free tools.

Streamline Your Application

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Have you found the programs you like? It’s time to apply! Don’t worry: We’re always here if you need a boost.

Before you apply

Every program is different, but the one you apply to should be:

It’s go time

Your application is a one-stop-shop for admissions officers to review your fit for their program. At the end of the day, your application joins many others, so remember to make your admissions essay stand out: Consider your audience, mention relevant background and include personal experience.


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Take the Stress Out of Applying—Talk to an Expert

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Want some 1-on-1 advice? Sign up to discuss program requirements, deadlines and test prep. Our coaches will walk you through application steps and give you pro tips along the way. 

  • Personalized Advice. Our coaches get to know you, so the advice is worthwhile. 
  • Three Ways to Chat. Phone, video or email—we’ve got you covered. (Text coming soon!)
  • Free Tools and Resources. Get an all-access pass to every TeachDFW product and service once you schedule a call. 

Stay on Track with Application Checklists

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Create an application checklist to keep track of all program requirements, get deadline reminders, and access best practices along the way. Then you can focus on what matters most: getting accepted and becoming a teacher.

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Dollar Bill

Get Reimbursed for Your Expenses

Dollar Bill

Applying to a teacher preparation program means paying out of pocket for testing and application fees. That's why we offer fee reimbursements to TEACH users. If you apply to one of our partner programs, we'll refund you up to $100 towards your expenses.

Free Prep for Required Testing

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Many programs require that you take and pass one or more Pre-Admission Content Tests (PACT). Check requirements for your program and get free test prep in our testing guide.

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1:1 Coaching

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Not sure which tests you need to take or how to prepare for them? Don't worry, there's a coach for that. Sign up to talk with an advisor for personalized advice. You can schedule a call, send a chat or email, or video conference. However and whenever you want help, we're here for you. 


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