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Becoming a teacher is a process that comes with a lot of questions. There’s no better way to get answers than to speak with a TeachDFW coach.
Becoming a teacher is a process that comes with a lot of questions. There’s no better way to get answers than to speak with a TeachDFW coach.
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    Our coaches get to know you, so the advice is worthwhile.

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Advice, Tailored Just for You

TeachDFW coaches are certified teachers. They blazed their own trails to the classroom, and can help you determine the best path for you based on where you are now and where you want to be.

With a coach, you can walk through what it takes to become a teacher and get all your questions answered. There are a lot of things to consider:

  • How do I get certified to teach? 

  • What subjects/grades can I get certified in? 

  • Which teacher preparation program is right for me?

Get custom advice for your situation, so you can take the next step in your journey with confidence. Learn more about each coach’s individual expertise below.

After Speaking to a Coach:

  • 85%
    Of all participants said the call was helpful.
  • 52%
    Of all participants applied to a program.

Meet the Coaches

Bri Smocks

Bri Smocks is in her second year teaching English II (10th grade) and is also enrolled in a Principal Certification program. Bri looks forward to talking about how to reach students where they are with compassion while also encouraging them to accomplish goals outside of their comfort zone.

Lisa Raizes

Lisa is currently teaching in the Dallas Independent School District. She is in her second year teaching 4th grade math and science at a low-socioeconomic status school. Recently, Lisa completed her Master’s in Education. Her favorite part about teaching is seeing kids persist and then have that “aha” moment. 

Jen Cooper

Jen has taught writing and literature for more than 15 years. She taught 8th grade in Fort Worth ISD, and writing courses at the University of Texas, Arlington and Austin campuses. She's a former Teaching Fellow at Citizens Schools and a policy consultant for Texas public schools. She loves to help prospective teachers plan their path.

What to Expect

The floor is yours when you talk to a coach. Our coaches have been where you are, and are here to help you now, no matter where you are in your journey. 

  • What should I look for in a program?
  • Am I eligible to apply to a program right now? 
  • Which tests do I need to take to get certified, and when should I take them?
  • I already have a degree. Do I have to get another one to be a teacher?

It's a good thing to have questions. It's an even better thing to get them answered. Sign up to get advice straight from the source.

  • What questions can I ask?
  • How can I chat with a coach?
  • How long is the conversation?

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