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TeachDFW Scholarship
To make it more affordable to apply to a teacher preparation program, you can apply for a $1,000 scholarship directly from us.
TeachDFW Scholarship
To make it more affordable to apply to a teacher preparation program, you can apply for a $1,000 scholarship directly from us.

New $1,000 Future Teacher Scholarship

During the COVID-19 crisis and beyond, we’re dedicated to helping you find and afford a teacher prep program. Don’t let finances stop you! If you missed our new $1,000 COVID scholarship, don’t worry. You can apply for our summer TEACH scholarship until July 31. See step-by-step details below.

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How to Apply

We love that you’re becoming a teacher. We love it so much that we’re offering a limited number of $1,000 scholarships to teacher preparation program applicants.

To be eligible for a TeachDFW scholarship:

Keep in Mind

  • Completing these steps does not guarantee that you will win the scholarship, as all eligible submissions will be entered into a random drawing.
  • You must be admitted to and enroll in a partner teacher preparation program to receive the scholarship funds.

Apply for a Scholarship

Your path to becoming a teacher should be full of opportunities. Why not enter to win our $1,000 scholarship to add one more? Review the directions above if you have questions, then hit Apply below to get started.


TEACH Scholarship FAQs

  • How does the $1000 TEACH scholarship work?

    The $1000 TEACH scholarship is an award for future teachers like you! Simply 1) sign up for a free TEACH account and then 2) apply to a partner Educator Preparation Program (EPP) to be eligible for the scholarship. All eligible submissions will be entered into a random drawing.

    You must be admitted to and enroll in a partner EPP to receive the scholarship funds.


  • How many scholarships are awarded?

    TEACH awards two (2) scholarships per year per partner region. We typically conduct one drawing each summer (in August) and one drawing in the winter (January). 

    Applying multiple times does not increase your chances of winning, and any duplicate entries for future deadlines will be considered ineligible. Please only submit one application.


  • Is this the same as the federal TEACH grant?

    No. The TEACH Grant Program is a federal program that provides grants of up to $4,000 a year to students who 1) are completing or plan to complete coursework needed to begin a career in teaching and who 2) teach in a high-need field in a low-income area. 

    Learn more about the TEACH Grant here.


  • When should I apply to the scholarship?

    You should apply for the scholarship after you’ve…

    1. created a free TEACH account (sign up here!)


    1. Applied to a partner EPP.
  • Is there a GPA requirement?

    No. However, your EPP may have its own GPA requirements for admission into their program.

  • What type of document should I provide as proof?

    You should provide a document that includes proof of your application to one of our educator preparation programs. The document should be a copy of an official document or email from the institution, including the date received, and should be provided as a PDF, screenshot or image file.

  • What if I can’t get the form to work?

    You will need a Google Account to complete the form, which you can create for free. You should use a personal Google Account, not a school or organization account, to complete the form. If you’re still experiencing difficulties, please use these instructions to submit your alternate application.

  • What can I use the money for?

    The $1000 can be used toward tuition or other program-related expenses at a partner EPP. The funds can be sent directly to the EPP, or they can be paid directly to you so they can be used for other teacher preparation expenses like books, laptops, transportation, etc...

  • When will I hear back?

    If your name is chosen, you can expect to hear back from us 1-2 weeks after the scholarship deadline. Because we receive a large number of applications, we do not reach out to scholarship applicants that are deemed ineligible or whose names were not drawn.


  • When can I use my scholarship? When and how will the money be disbursed?

    If you’re selected,your scholarship funds will be awarded within 1-2 weeks after you’ve provided us with all of the required documentation, including proof you’ve enrolled in the EPP and payment related instructions. Payments can be issued directly to your EPP or to you through PayPal. 


  • Is this scholarship renewable?

    The scholarship is a non-renewable, one-time award.

  • Can I use it with my regular Financial Aid or other awards?


  • Are there any other scholarships I can apply for?

    Yes! Check out other great aid opportunities for teachers using our Aid Explorer. Don’t forget to apply for our $100 application fee reimbursement program, too!


If you’re looking for help with any TeachDFW products and services, we're here to help you. Visit Support.


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