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Talk to a Teacher
The decision to teach is a big one. There’s no better way to learn about teaching than to talk with someone who’s teaching in Dallas-Fort Worth now.
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Time to Get Real

Teacher playing with playdo with students

The Talk to a Teacher program allows you to talk through all of your thoughts about teaching with a current educator. There can be a lot to juggle when deciding to teach: How am I going to pay for training? Will my personality fit in the classroom? What impact will I have?

With Talk to a Teacher, you’ll get advice on all of your questions from an expert themselves.


Choose Your Match

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The Talk to a Teacher program is not just to talk to any teacher; you should be able to talk to someone who understands you, your background, and your goals.

When you sign up, you can designate information such as subject, state, and demographic information like gender or ethnicity.

After you describe yourself in more detail, TeachDFW will match you with a current teacher that gets you. Sound good?


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Who Will I Talk To?

Meet some of the current educators on Talk to a Teacher below


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The path to teaching is one you craft yourself. When you engage in real-time conversation with a professional educator, you get valuable input to complement your online research. It all adds up to making a more-informed decision that’s right for you.

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