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The TeachDFW Site Has Changed

We’ll walk you through it.

The TeachDFW Site Has Changed

We’ll walk you through it.

If you’re familiar with the TeachDFW site, you may notice a few changes. We’ll walk you through the resources that remain available below. Bottom line? We’re still here to help you reach your goal of becoming a teacher.

Now, more than ever, we need passionate, capable, and diverse teachers for our children, and we’re committed to supporting you! Here’s what to expect.

How can TeachDFW help me become a teacher?

We offer plenty of info and resources for future teachers:

How can I finance my teacher education?

Check out our Financial Aid Explorer to learn more about grants and scholarship opportunities for future teachers.

What if I have more questions about becoming a teacher?

We encourage you to reach out to a teacher in your community to get your questions answered (check out these tips for how to find a mentor). We also encourage you to reach out to the staff at any educator preparation programs you may be interested in. Contact information will be listed on each profile page, which will connect you with someone who can answer your questions about certification and program requirements.

What if I want to teach in another location?

We partner with five other regions to bring you the details you need:

How has the site changed?

If you’ve been here before, you may notice some differences. For the time being, the following services aren’t available (but we’re working to bring them back!):

  • $100 fee reimbursements for application-related expenses
  • $1,000 TeachDFW scholarships
  • Coaching calls
  • Local events page

Have more questions? Contact us for more info!