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It Pays to Teach

It's true: teaching is a career that requires a real commitment. It’s also a career that comes with real rewards. Learn about the competitive starting salaries here in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Teaching Salaries Start High

Bar graph of DFW teacher starting salaries. The chart says: General Teacher - $58,367; Special Education - $60,727; STEM - $61,492; Bilingual - $62,517. Source: Salary schedules of school districts partnered with TeachDFW.

You probably have heard rumors about teacher salaries — but did you know that most people underestimate how much teachers take home?

Starting salaries for teachers in Dallas-Fort Worth districts might be higher than you expect. Among our 15 partner school districts in the DFW area, the average starting salary for teachers is over $58,000. (1)

And there’s more! Many districts offer annual stipends of up to several thousand dollars for teaching a shortage area subject, like science, math or bilingual education. 

How Do Teacher Salaries Compare With Other Jobs?

A bar chart of DFW average salaries. The chart says: Registered Nurse - $78K; Teacher - $62K; Paralegal - $59K; Graphic Designer - $49K; Bookkeeper - $47K; Community Health Worker - $38K. Source: U.S. Department of Labor

In Dallas-Fort Worth, average teacher salaries are competitive with many other fields that require a bachelor’s degree.

Plus, teachers usually work just 180–190 days each year — compared to 260 work days a year in most other fields. (2)

Great Growth Potential for High-Performing Teachers.

A DFW math teacher works with a student sitting at a computer. The teacher points to something on the screen, explaining a concept to her student.

You don’t have to make less to make an impact in education. Programs like the Teacher Incentive Allotment or Dallas ISD’s Teacher Excellence Initiative offer pathways to earn close to — or even over — six figures. These programs are designed to reward educators for effective teaching and high-quality student experiences.

Additionally, many teachers pursue school or district leadership roles during their careers, where they can easily earn six figures.

Benefits for DFW Teachers

The benefits you get on top of salary are part of your total compensation, and teachers tend to get a better benefit package than most other jobs.

Confident DFW teacher standing by tree

Don't Believe It?

You don’t have to take our word for it: Talk to a TeachDFW coach to find out what it’s like to be an educator in DFW. It’s confidential, honest and free.

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