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TExES: Your Definitive Guide to the Texas Educator Certification Exam

Get the tools, tips and information you need to pass your teaching test.

Author: Kate Moening

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You know what you want to teach and the age group you want to work with. You’ve got a vision for your future classroom and the kind of teacher you want to be. And whether you see yourself teaching reading skills to first graders or the Pythagorean Theorem to high school students, you also know that before you get your teaching certificate, you’ll need to take the TExES.

You don’t have to prepare for the TExES on your own though. There’s tons of information and plenty of resources to help you get test-ready and pass your TExES. From how to register to study tips and tricks—we’ve gathered everything in one place for you, right here.

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What Is the TExES?

First things first: The Texas Examinations of Educator Standards, or TExES, is an exam you’ll need to take to get your first Texas teaching certificate. (1)

If you’re already certified to teach outside of Texas, you may not need to take the TExES to get your Texas teaching certificate. However, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) will need to review your credentials. Visit the TEA Out-of-State Certifications page for more information. 

What is on the TExES?

The TExES is designed to show that you’re ready to teach in your own classroom. For example, if you’re aiming to teach middle school math, your TExES will include some algebra and geometry problems, as well as questions about how to teach math skills to children.

The Texas Educator Certification Examination Program explains: 

“Developing the exams was a collaborative process involving classroom teachers and other educators from public and charter schools, educator preparation program faculty, representatives from professional educator organizations, content experts and members of the community.” (2)

Who Should Take the TExES?

The TExES is for all future teachers in Texas. You’ll typically take this exam toward the end of your teaching program. 

Which TExES do I need to take?

The specific TExES you take will depend on the subject area and grade level you plan to teach. Depending on what you plan to teach, you may need to take more than one TExES.

You can visit the Texas Educator Certification Examination Program Exams page for a full list of TExES options. Click the TExES tab to see a drop-down list of all tests.

The Exams page on the Texas Educator Certification Examination Program website. 5 drop-down boxes list the certification exams offered through the site. The TExES box is at the bottom of the list, circled to highlight it. The boxes each have a plus sign to indicate you can click to expand them.


Can anyone take the TExES?

Before you can take the TExES, you’ll need approval from your teaching program. (3) Some programs may look at your GPA and academic history to decide if you’re ready. Others may require you to take a qualifying exam first.

Check with your program to find out how their TExES approval system works.

Passing Scores on the TExES

The TExES is scored on a 100-300 scale. Most exams are multiple choice (also called “selected response”), with 90-100 questions. Some subjects, such as world languages or English Language Arts, include an oral or written response section as well. (4)  

What is a passing score for the TExES? 

The passing score is 240 for most TExES subject areas. With 300 total points, that means you need 80% to pass. That’s basically the same as a B- in a class.

You can check the passing score for your TExES on the Texas Educator Certification Examination Program Exams page. Find your test on the drop-down menu, and click to see more information about your exam.

How many times can you take the TExES?

If you don’t pass the TExES right away, don’t panic. You can and should try again!

You can take the TExES up to five times to pass. If you hit the five-time limit, you’ll need to apply for a test-limit waiver to get another attempt. (5

You can learn more about the waiver application and fees on the Texas Education Agency Test-Limit Waiver Information page.

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Where to Take the TExES

You’ll take the TExES at a Pearson test center (Pearson is the TExES test-maker). To find a test center near you, visit the Texas Educator Certification Examination Program Exams page and click the test you plan to take. Then, scroll down to “Exam Dates” and click the link that says, “Check appointment availability.” 

The profile page for a TExES exam. 9 rows list the testing information you can access from this page. The third row down is highlighted. On the left, it says, “Exam Dates.” On the right, it says, “Limited administrations during 2-week testing periods. Test appointments are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Check appointment availability.” The words “Check appointment availability” are hyperlinked to the Pearson website.


Then, on the Pearson website, find your exam on the list of TExES options, and click to search for test appointments and test centers near you. 

How long does it take to get TExES results?

It typically takes 7-28 days to receive your TExES scores after you take the test. (6) If your exam involves an essay or oral response (also called “constructed response” questions), your results will usually take longer.

You can see the expected score report date for your test on the Texas Educator Certification Examination Program Scores page.

Want more in-depth information about testing? Visit our Texas Certification Tests Guide! You’ll find even more testing support and advice, including study tips and what to expect on test day.

How to Register for the TExES

Once you know when and where you plan to take the TExES, you can register at the Texas Educator Certification Examination Program Registration page. You’ll create an account to schedule your test, check test scores and pay the TExES registration fee. Registration costs $116-$136, depending on which TExES you take. 

When you create an account, this page will ask for your Texas Education Agency Login (TEAL) number. If you don’t have a TEAL number, you can create one through the Texas Educator Certification Online System.

What if I need accommodations?

If you need accommodations for your exam, such as extra time or an alternative location, you can make a request through the Alternative Testing Arrangements page.

Accommodations are generally available to test-takers with disabilities or health-related needs and nursing parents. (7)

Requesting accommodations can take up to six weeks of extra processing time—so be sure to submit your request well in advance of when you take the TExES!

You can feel more prepared and avoid last-minute stress if you plan out the time between now and when you take your test.


A future teacher studies for the TExES in a university library


How to Study for the TExES

If you’re stressed about testing, that’s okay. You’re definitely not alone! In this section, we’ll share some of our top tips to pass your TExES:
  1. 1

    Make a schedule.

    You can feel more prepared and avoid last-minute stress if you plan out the time between now and when you take your test. We suggest adding these dates to your calendar:

    • When you need to register for your TExES.
    • When you need to request any special accommodations.
    • The day you’ll take the TExES.
    • When you’ll study.
    • Your TExES score report date.

    Give yourself more time than you think you’ll need! We recommend adding a week or two of extra cushion, in case you need to reschedule your test or fix any testing equipment. 

  2. 2

    Plan your study time.

    Once you’re ready to start your test prep, make a list of all of the tasks you need to complete. You’ll want time to:

    • Learn what to expect. A test overview can help you understand the structure and what content you’ll need to study. Check out testing tutorials and test frameworks to get a better picture of what your test will look like. 
      • To find test frameworks for your exam, click on your TExES on the Exams page. Then, click the link that says “View the preparation materials available for this exam.” This will take you to a list of preparation tools, including an overview and exam framework for your test. 
    The profile page for a TExES exam. 9 rows list the testing information you can access from this page. The bottom row is highlighted and says “Prepare” on the left. On the right, it says, “View the preparation materials available for this exam.” This is hyperlinked to the preparation manual for the exam.
    • Plan your approach. You’ll feel more prepared if you know exactly what you need to do ahead of time. The Texas Education Agency offers a free study tips guide, to help you make a plan and develop testing strategies for your study time. You can also fill out a Student Profile Worksheet to help you figure out where to focus your time.
    • Study your subject matter. Before your exam, make regular study time so you’re not cramming at the last minute. (8) There are many ways to master your material: Go over flashcards, take practice tests, revisit textbooks and class assignments, work with a study group… whatever works for you! 
  3. 3

    Collect your study materials.

    There are lots of resources to help you prepare for the TExES. To get started, the Texas Educator Certification Examination Program Test Preparation page has links to tools like study guides, sample questions, tips and strategies, tutorials and practice tests!

    We’ve also gathered links to a few resources here. We have not personally vetted each of these resources, but you may find them useful in your preparation.

    Before you buy any study materials, check with your program to see if there are any discount codes or vouchers available for your test prep option of choice.

    Quick note: You might find some test prep resources that use the terms “TExES” and “PACT” interchangeably. That’s because the Pre-Admission Content Test, or PACT, and the TExES used to be the same test—called two different names based on when you took the test. But in January 2020, Texas changed its certification testing process, and the PACT and TExES are now two different exams. If you come across materials that use both names, make sure you know which exam they actually mean. (9) For more information about the PACT, check out the FAQs on this page.

    • Practice exams: Pearson (remember, that’s the TExES test-maker) offers online practice tests for some TExES exams for $10. On the Texas Educator Certification Examination Program Practice Tests page, click the TExES you plan to take in the drop-down menu. 
    • Test prep manuals: Pearson also provides free preparation materials for each TExES. These materials cover study tips and resources, sample questions and strategies for answering multiple-choice questions. To access the materials for your test, visit the Preparation Manuals page and find your test in the drop-down menu.
    • Mometrix: For $19.99-$39.99, Mometrix provides flashcards, practice tests and highly rated study guides for the TExES. You can also take a TExES Core Subjects prep course for $59.99/month
    • Exam Edge: For $21.95, Exam Edge offers a handful of free practice tests, plus the option to purchase individual practice exams. 
    • CertifyTeacher: For $37-$80, CertifyTeacher offers interactive practice tests, study guides and an accompanying app, which range in cost depending on your test. 
    • 240Tutoring: For $39.99 a month, 240Tutoring offers study guides for all TExES exams, including practice questions and over 100 pages of study materials for each test. You can also take a free practice test before you subscribe. 
    • Study.com: For $59.99 a month, Study.com provides test prep materials for the TExES. These include free practice tests, plus study guides, practice questions and video lessons. You can get a free 30-day trial, followed by the monthly fee.

    Bonus: If you’re studying for the TExES Math 4-8 or Music exam, we’ve found more specialized prep materials for you:

    • TExES Mathematics: The University of Houston’s TExES 4-8 Mathematics preparation site offers preparation for math certification, based on the TExES Mathematics 4-8 exam. Get access to online quizzes, discussion boards and more. 
    • TExES Music: The Texas Music Educators Association’s TExES Music preparation and review page offers support for music certification. Review course topic areas, frequently missed topics on practice tests, some selected resources and a short practice exam. 


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Learn More About Testing

Did you find this article helpful? There’s more where this came from! Our Texas Certification Tests Guide has more study tips, resources and information about what to expect on test day. 


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