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Living my best life as a teacher
Miranda Korschun gets paid to share her passion
Aug. 28, 2018
Living my best life as a teacher
Miranda Korschun gets paid to share her passion
Aug. 28, 2018

Some people think that being a teacher is one the hardest jobs in the world. I’m often thanked by strangers, like police officers and soldiers, for the hard work that I do and the impact I make. Many days, I would say they are right; teaching definitely isn’t an easy gig.

However, teaching is also so, so rewarding and lets me live the life that I want most fully.

The relationships I build with kids in my classroom through what I’m most passionate about (art), the breaks that seem to come just when I really need them, and the financial security to explore Dallas and own my own home: These are just a few of the reasons I truly love what it means to be a teacher.

The rewards are great if you are built for the teaching game.

On sharing my greatest love with my students

One of the first things my friends and family will tell you about me is that I love art. When I went to Virginia Tech to study art, I certainly faced a fair share of doubters. People would tell me, "There’s nothing you can do with that." 

I wish the haters could see how I now work directly with visual art to encourage and inspire my students.

I help students realize they are capable of more than they ever thought possible—a boost in confidence that impacts them beyond my four walls and their year with me. I help them (1) appreciate art around them and (2) process their thoughts and feelings through the media we work with.

I’ve helped students prepare for rigorous portfolio applications for magnet high school and college art programs, which is exciting for me. (Oh, and I get to geek out in AP Art History.)

Sharing my love of art to build meaningful relationships with students is one of my favorite parts of my gig, especially because I know so many of my friends have to work hard to fit in time for their passions in their limited off-time.

The success I feel from my hard work, preparation and careful consideration of who my students are is unparalleled. When I can show a student the Instagram account of an intriguing, contemporary artist, it brings the content of my class into their everyday life suddenly.

It definitely feels good that, at the end of the day, I know I used my passion to encourage others. Plus, I can keep painting when I get home.

On pursuing the other things that I love

For as much as I love my days in the classroom, I’d be lying to you if I said I wasn’t one of those teachers who keeps a running countdown for our upcoming breaks on the whiteboard. Who doesn’t love a good week off at Thanksgiving to spend time with your friends and family?

The time to recharge and reconnect with life outside of work provides me a balance in life that I think would be hard to strike in a different field.

I chat with friends who have typical entry-level, nine-to-five jobs, and I hear about their ten days of vacation. I can’t imagine living a life that is so dominated by work. The time off allowed by my teaching schedule helps me stay sane (and lets me have a lot of fun, too!).

I use the time off in summer to plan for next year, but also to unplug and re-find myself as a person outside the office.

This summer, I’ve had time to travel to the Caribbean, go camping, visit family on the east coast, spend a weekend with my best friends celebrating one of their weddings, and explore new areas of Dallas I’ve never been to before.

And of course, I’ve gotten to do every day relaxing things like laying by the pool at my condo, catching up on reading, and going out for dinner and drinks with my girlfriends. 

The extra time I get to spend with my parents, brother and extended family is important to my well-being. One day, I hope to have my own children, and I think that having this schedule will also help me more easily go back to work after having kids since I will get to spend time with them while they are out of school.

Are you ready to live life fully?

When you enjoy what you’re teaching, and your students connect, there is really no better feeling.

I often find myself leaving work with a little spring in my step from knowing my passion impacted someone else.

So, if you think you have something to share, what are you waiting for?