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Richardson Independent School District

Hear from Matthew Morris about the investment and innovation that is happening in Richardson Independent School District.

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Meet Matthew Morris

Teacher Ambassador

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Richardson ISD is the perfect place to change the world. With everything that’s going on in our world, RISD has the perfect storm to create a generation that thinks differently, looks at each other differently. I love that this district is willing to invest in me!


  • 9-12th Grade Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) College Prep Teacher



      • Nationally Recognized by AVID

      Teacher Certification Program

        Why I Teach

        I grew up wanting to make a difference. As a first-generation college student, I initially thought that I wanted to be a counselor or a college president. But I still had in the back of my mind that I wanted to be that teacher I didn’t have growing up, that was able to assist and be with the kids every day. Looking at most of my teachers growing up, there weren’t a lot of black, male teachers. It wasn’t until I was in graduate school that I realized there was a big disconnect between academic theory and the practice of serving others.

        “I realized I needed to do the work, get down in the weeds and be there for someone, because there’s a need. It’s true leadership – [asking] where is the need and how can I assist?”

        Richardson ISD by the numbers

        • 2,576

          Dedicated Teachers

        • 39,200


        • $51K

          New Teacher Starting Salary

        About Richardson ISD

        • About RISD

          Richardson ISD has been a leading school district in Texas since it was established in 1854. A tradition of excellence, high parent engagement and exceptional community support have all contributed to the rich tradition of academic and extracurricular success. RISD’s mission is to serve and prepare each of its more than 39,200 students for their global future. RISD values integrity, inspiration, inclusiveness, and innovation. Students are the primary focus of RISD and staff is the primary focus of RISD. RISD works hard to be the employer of choice by providing a supportive work culture, competitive salaries, quality health care benefits, professional development, career advancement and many opportunities to give back to the community. Richardson ISD’s large, diverse and growing district offers an array of positions so you can specialize your work to a higher degree than might be possible in smaller school systems.

        • For RISD Teachers
        • Salary & Compensation

          At over $50,000 a year, Richardson ISD’s starting salary is competitive for the DFW Metroplex, and they offer extra pay for taking on additional responsibilities. Richardson ISD offers career pathways to help staff build a rewarding professional life. One option for educators who love being in the classroom is the teacher leader opportunity, but there are many other paths that allow talented and dedicated staff to advance their careers while staying at a campus. For more info, visit www.risd.org/careers.

        • For RISD Students

          Are you a Richardson ISD student who thinks teaching might be a good career for you? Richardson ISD students can explore the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Education and Training path. The journey starts with the Principles of Education and Training course, which explores options in the various fields of education based on interest area and examines the different levels of education—elementary, secondary, and post-secondary.

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