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Lancaster Independent School District

Hear from Briana Peterson about the opportunity and inspiration that you can find in Lancaster Independent School District.

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Meet Briana Peterson

Teacher Ambassador

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I grew up in this Lancaster ISD and I get to work with the people that inspire me. We bring opportunity, a better education to our students. I’m giving back to LISD, I get to help build a lasting legacy. It’s so rewarding!


  • 11-12th Grade Science Teacher



      Teacher Certification Program

        Why I Teach

        I am a proud product of Lancaster ISD and became a teacher because I wanted to push students further than I was pushed in high school. My junior year of college, I read a bulletin board in the science department that was asking for teachers. I was initially interested, but changed my mind because my family didn't support the career, thinking it would be a low-earning profession.

        “I was a pharmacy tech after college, but I felt like I wasn’t fulfilling my purpose. I wasn’t giving back.”

        I began thinking about what gave me energy and drive. I remembered that Isd loved building up her peers when I was Senior Class President at Lancaster High Schools so decided that I had to go back to building up students. I decided to go back home to Lancaster. I abide by this quote:

        “I don’t know If I’m meant to change the world, but I’m sure I’ll be the person who sparks the mind that will.”

        Lancaster ISD by the numbers

        • 447

          Dedicated Teachers

        • 7,315


        • $50K

          New Teacher Starting Salary

        About Lancaster ISD

        • About LISD

          In the Fall of 2013, stakeholders from the community, clergy, companies, campuses and classrooms united to begin the discussion about creating a shared Vision 2020 for Lancaster ISD. This vision is that all students will achieve self-sustaining success and leave a lasting legacy. The mission of Lancaster ISD, in collaboration with parents and communities, is to ignite learning that translates into sustainable success for all students in an ever-changing society. During the last three years, Lancaster ISD has received 64 distinctions. The 2016 accountability performance provided confirmation and clear evidence that improvements are being sustained over time. For the fourth year in a row, Lancaster ISD has held the title of “Best of Best Southwest” as it relates to Graduation Rate. LISD graduation numbers continue to be higher than any of the other traditional public schools and charters in the southern Dallas County area.

        • For LISD Teachers
        • Salary & Compensation

          Lancaster ISD’s school board was honored with two well-deserved awards, being recognized as the Most Outstanding School Board in Texas by the Texas Association of School Administrators and the National School Board of the Year by the National Alliance of Black School Educators. Additionally, LISD has recently received the highest financial rating available and is proud to have a strong fund balance and some of the highest teacher salaries in the area when considering performance pay incentive plans. Lancaster ISD has the Teacher Advancement Program (TAP), a pay for performance model. TAP tracks student growth and teacher performance and promotes teachers to mentor other teachers without leaving the classroom. The primary goal of TAP is to model and support teacher growth.

        • For LISD Students

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