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Hear from Briana Peterson about the opportunity and inspiration that you can find in Lancaster Independent School District.

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Meet Briana Peterson

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I grew up in this Lancaster ISD and I get to work with the people that inspire me. We bring opportunity, a better education to our students. I’m giving back to LISD, I get to help build a lasting legacy. It’s so rewarding!

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  • 11-12th Grade Science Teacher


  • The University of Texas at Austin


    Teacher Certification Program

      Why I Teach

      I am a proud product of Lancaster ISD and became a teacher because I wanted to push students further than I was pushed in high school. My junior year of college, I read a bulletin board in the science department that was asking for teachers. I was initially interested, but changed my mind because my family didn't support the career, thinking it would be a low-earning profession.

      “I was a pharmacy tech after college, but I felt like I wasn’t fulfilling my purpose. I wasn’t giving back.”

      I began thinking about what gave me energy and drive. I remembered that Isd loved building up her peers when I was Senior Class President at Lancaster High Schools so decided that I had to go back to building up students. I decided to go back home to Lancaster. I abide by this quote:

      “I don’t know If I’m meant to change the world, but I’m sure I’ll be the person who sparks the mind that will.”

      Lancaster ISD by the numbers

      • 447

        Dedicated Teachers

      • 7,315


      • $59K

        New Teacher Starting Salary

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