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KIPP Dallas-Ft. Worth

Hear from Alex O'Neal about the character-building and academics that make KIPP DFW so special.

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Meet Alex O'Neal

Teacher Ambassador

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I love that KIPP focuses on academics, but the character is what I like the most. Teaching values along with our academics and then celebrating kids when they embody the values. Showing the kids those positive characteristics and morals is incredibly rewarding.


  • 6-7th Grade Math Teacher



        Teacher Certification Program

          Why I Teach

          During my freshman year of college, I wanted to be a meteorologist - I wanted to storm chase. But my father suggested looking into a career with more security. I realized I had always liked kids and liked pretending to teach with my dolls when I was little, so teaching seemed to be a natural fit.

          “What makes me proud is seeing my students grasp concepts that they never thought they could. You can really feel the ‘thank you’ in that moment - and that pushes me to think about what I can do to further my education and my practice so my students can get where they need to be in their lives.”

          I'm proud to be chasing my student's dreams with them every day at KIPP Destiny. 

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          About KIPP DFW Public Schools

          • About KIPP DFW

            The mission of KIPP DFW Public Schools is to equip students from educationally under-resourced communities with the knowledge, skills, and character traits to succeed in college and careers in order to positively impact our community. KIPP DFW envisions having transformational impact on the city of Dallas. While KIPP DFW rests solidly on the belief that all students can succeed, their operating principles, known as the Five Pillars guide their pathway to this belief:

            • High Expectations
            • Choice and Commitment
            • More Time
            • Power to Lead
            • Focus on Results
          • For KIPP DFW Teachers

            KIPP DFW strives to find and keep the best educators for the Dallas-Fort Worth region. While there is no one item that will make any teacher stay, KIPP DFW has worked hard to ensure that they provide every opportunity for teachers to make the region a long-term place for their careers. One of the ways KIPP DFW creates a sustainable environment is providing teachers with the highest base salary out of any charter school in Dallas-Fort Worth. If a teacher comes straight out of college, they can expect to earn over $50,000 in their first year. Additionally, for every five years a staff member is with KIPP DFW, they provide an $1,000 bonus to show we value their contribution.

            But it’s not all about money, and KIPP DFW understands that all teachers want to improve and develop their skills and abilities. As part of the national KIPP network, KIPP DFW has the opportunity to place their teachers in fellowship and mentorship programs that draw upon the greatest education minds in America. KIPP Dallas-Fort Worth aims to be a long-term career location beyond money and training. KIPP DFW has instituted the paid parental leave for all teachers, so that they may focus on their careers while still having the support of the region to start their families. If you’re looking for a place that provides teachers with an unmatched charter salary, national network of professional develop and training, as well as an organization that supports your life outside of the classroom, then KIPP Dallas-Fort Worth is the place for you.

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