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Irving Independent School District

Hear from Kristy Butler about the creativity and innovation in Irving Independent School District.

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Meet Kristy Butler

Teacher Ambassador

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Teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs a person can do - but it isn’t always pretty. My ability to start each day with a fresh mindset, especially if the day before was not a great one, is imperative to my students’ success. A good educator, when faced with adversity, takes a deep breath and teaches on.


  • 6-8th Grade Math Teacher



    • 2016-2017 Travis Middle School Teacher of the Year
    • 2016-2017 Student's Choice 6th Grade Teacher of the Year
    • 2016-2017 Bobcat Pride Award
    • Teaching Trust Ed Fellows Adult Leadership

    Teacher Certification Program

      Why I Teach

      I spent many summers attending camps while growing up in the Rio Grande Valley. Influenced by the wonderful counselors I had, I became a counselor for many years.

      I received my Bachelors of Science in Education from TCU and my Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction from UTA.  While attending TCU, I realized I wanted to do something that helped kids, much like when I was a camp counselor. I feel a close connection to my students at Travis Middle School and enjoy challenging them every day.

      “My standards for my students have always been high.I push them to go beyond their comfort level- encouraging them to reach for the stars. I can do this with my kids because they know how much I care for them and their futures, not only as students but as human beings.”

      I have received numerous honors during my tenure in Irving ISD. I was Teacher of the Year for the 2016-17 school year at Travis Middle School and was in the top three candidates for Secondary Teacher of the Year in Irving ISD; however, I am most proud of the 2016 6th Grade Students’ Choice Award- selected by the 6th grade at Travis Middle School.

      Irving ISD by the numbers

      • 2,284

        Dedicated Teachers

      • 34,872


      • $51K

        New Teacher Starting Salary

      About Irving ISD

      • About Irving ISD

        Irving ISD is the public PreK-12 school district of choice for almost 35,000 students, where educators help students excel and reach their maximum potential. The district’s belief is that all students can learn and that each student deserves the opportunity to explore their interests, while excelling academically.  It is because of Irving ISD’s beliefs that they teach the classics, foster creativity, teach innovation, and prepare students for their future.

      • For Irving ISD Teachers

        Irving is centrally located in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex. Irving offers many unique mixtures of attractions in the form of entertainment, family activities, and proximity to excellent venues throughout the Metroplex. Irving ISD is the largest employer in the city of Irving and continues to be one of the top paying school districts in the DFW area. The district ranks in the top three highest salaries for teachers. A stipend system has been developed to attract professionals in high demand critical areas of the educational field. Irving ISD also continues to be one of the selected few school districts who prides itself in continuing to provide a free of charge basic health insurance plan for its employees and ranks second for the highest annual health insurance contribution across the DFW area.

        Irving ISD has an exemplary robust professional development team that is constantly on the forefront regarding proven teaching strategies, new research, and implementation of curriculum-related plans. Irving ISD believes in developing and supporting future educators through the education pathways program (Ready, Set,Teach!). Irving ISD believes in cultivating from within and growing its employees for future careers, and professional opportunities in educational leadership with the purpose of providing continuous improvement inside the organization.

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