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Duncanville Independent School District

Hear from Yadira Medina about the innovative resources and caring community that Duncanville Independent School District provides.

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Meet Yadira Medina

Teacher Ambassador

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I love the resources and trainings that Duncanville provides. They listen to us. They made me who I am! I come here every day and I want to work.


  • Kindergarten Bilingual Teacher



      Teacher Certification Program

      Why I Teach

      When I was little, I wanted to become a singer when I grew up because she loved to perform. When I was a teenager, I wanted to become a doctor because I wanted to heal people. Eventually I realized that through teaching, I would become both a singer and a doctor. My students won’t remember the songs, but they’ll remember the lessons. I don't cure physical diseases, yet I cure my students’ misunderstandings about themselves, others or school.

      “I’m proud of my students and their growth. When they come to me, they come with zero; and they leave with 100. I do it for them.”

      I believe that I was brought to teaching for a reason – I have a platform that allows me to make learning better for my students.

      Duncanville ISD by the numbers

      • 825

        Dedicated Teachers

      • 12,761


      • $50K

        New Teacher Starting Salary

      About Duncanville ISD

      • About Duncanville ISD

        Duncanville Independent School District is writing success stories, one student at a time. Their successes include all of schools receiving a ‘met standard’ rating from the Texas Education Association for the second consecutive year, a state champion girls’ basketball team, an award winning high school band, and the completion of two new schools and upgrades throughout the district. The mission of Duncanville ISD is to provide each student with the necessary skills to achieve lifelong success and contribute to a global society. Whether Duncanville ISD students continue to college, pursue a professional career or choose a military branch, the district wants to make sure they are successful at whatever path they choose. Duncanville ISD has six values that guide the decisions of their administrators and superintendent:

        1. Students are the first priority
        2. Model personal integrity and ethical behavior
        3. Value and respect all students, staff, families and community members
        4. Provide a safe and nurturing environment to foster academic excellence and positive relationships
        5. Embrace continuous improvement, data-driven decision making and mutual accountability for organizational excellence
        6. Every staff member contributes to student success
      • For Duncanville ISD Teachers

        Duncanville ISD holds all employees in a very high regard, and understands the unique skills it takes to be successful in a teaching career. The district recently increased the starting salary of teachers to $50,000, making it one of the most competitive starting teaching salaries in the DFW area. For Duncanville ISD teachers and administrators interested in advancing, Duncanville ISD created an “Inspiring Leaders Academy” for veteran teachers and assistant principals. Duncanville ISD also has the support of the community. In 2014, Duncanville voters approved a $102 million bond package for the school district, which allowed the district to build two new schools. Duncanville ISD hopes you’ll join them in writing success stories, one student at a time!

      • Salary & Compensation
      • For Duncanville ISD Students

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